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【夏日修复】Unichi 深海四十寻神奇修复保湿乳液 50g(更轻薄,抵挡紫外线)

费: 商品价格已含关税
费: 直邮中国运费:首重AU$8/kg,续重AU$4/0.5kg

产品描述 / Product Description
Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator Lotion visibly transforms the skin by regenerating skin cells and activating the skin`s natural ability to restore itself.This light, non-greasy lotion balances and hydrates the skin, enhancing repair and giving skin a refreshed and radiant appearance.  Directions:Pump a pea sized amount of lotion in the palm of your hand. Evenly massage the lotion across the face and décolletage. Precautions:For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear.   

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规格参数 / Specifications
中文名称 【夏日修复】Unichi 深海四十寻神奇修复保湿乳液 50g(更轻薄,抵挡紫外线)
英文名称 Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator Lotion 50g
品牌 Unichi
发货国家 澳大利亚
Order Group